CSLL Series Hydraulic Cylinder Sun Run: Solusi hidrolik andal untuk tonase tinggi. Desain krom keras, silinder mur kunci, dan pengembalian beban tunggal. Tahan korosi dengan powder coat finish. Mudah dipasang dengan coupler SQB-3/8UF. Performa maksimal untuk tugas berat.

  • Single-Acting, High Tonnage, Lock Nut Cylinders
  • Hard chrome plated inner of barrel resistes wear and corrosion.
  • Safety lock nut for mechanical load holding.
  • Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard.
  • Single-acting load return.
  • Overflow port functions as a stroke limiter.
  • Special coating on piston and lock nut improves corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Powder coat finish for increased corrosion resistance and antirust.
  • Come with SQB-3/8UF female coupler & dust cap.

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