SPE 554TQ Electric Hydraulic Pump Sun Run adalah pompa hidrolik listrik yang menghadirkan kekuatan, kinerja presisi, dan daya tahan dalam berbagai aplikasi industri. Dirancang dengan teknologi terkini dan komponen berkualitas tinggi, pompa ini merupakan solusi unggul untuk menggerakkan peralatan hidrolik dengan efisiensi tinggi.

  • Hydraulic Electric/Torque Wrench Pump
  • External adjustable pressure regulator.
  • Retract side internal relief valve protects tool.
  • SPE-554TQ series: just use with Hydraulic Torque Wrench.
  • SPE-554TQJ series: just use with Hydraulic lift applications.
  • Opt eight 1/4″ ports (include female and male couplers with dust cap), that can synchronize
    work for 4 hydraulic wrench.
  • It can be set automatic stop moving as motor idle running till 20, 40, 60 seconds and pressure release.
  • Safety start: After stopping, need to press another start button to continue.
  • Heat Exchanger Kit: Design air cooling to avoid pump overheating and costly repair from long work periods.

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